Karangasem, Bali: Kak Diba

10:00 PM

     Today, a piece of postcard came all the way from Bali, as the reply of mine that I sent a couple of months ago. Hes an IC alumni named Diba; a kind (yet annoying) guy I met first time in Singapore, when I had a 14-hour transit on the way coming back to Indonesia from Japan. He was in Singapore on an exchange program at NTU, while I got yet no one as my acquaintances for whom I might call in Singapore to pick me up at the airport and give me companion for a short stroll at the town. By any chance, I got contacted with Kak Ifah, also an IC alumna who I never met before. *Let's give applause to the power of IAIC, hehe. I asked her to accompany me strolling around the Merlion park, then she came up on that day with Kak Diba and Kak Toriq. So, that was the chronology of how Kak Diba and I know each other.
     Since then, the friendship went along through ask.fm and twitter, the medias where he (that time) was really active on striking me with a bunch of sarcastic yet enlightening questions and tweets. When I was traveling in Jogja on March 2015, we managed to meet and had a visit to Gembiraloka Zoo and Affandi Museum as well on the other day. I personally think that we have many things in commons; sarcasm diction on putting words, stubborn personality, hobbies on traveling and writing, and we eventually shared the same results at www.16personalities.com personality test as the ENTPs. So far, all the talks going on our chat are fun, although sometimes he is way too annoying. Meh.
     By the way, I sent him a postcard to his house in Semarang, but today I got it's replied from Bali as he is now traveling there. See ya in another journey, Kak! Hope you are fine and do get what you're looking for in the days ahead!

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