Berlin, Germany: Tio

10:00 PM

     Hi, folks! This is my very first received postcard for 2016! I'm so happy to hand down this postcard right after my coming back from Tokyo today. As I arrived home, Ibuk told me that I got a postcard from someone, then what makes this postcard special is that; this is kind of sudden postcard from Tio which I never asked him to send me nor a reply from what I had sent to him.
     It was about two years ago when we had a Line-call while Tio was traveling away from Karlsruhe to visit the ruins of Berlin Wall then I asked him to give me a small piece of its bricks. He didn't say a certain "okay" that time, but today he has definitely surprised me with this little thing inside the plastic circle container that is attached on the center of the card. Yap folks, it's the precious (and historical) dead witness of Berlin Wall demolition in the ending time of East and West Germany rivalry.
     Thanks, Tio for your sixth postcard coming to Beppu! Thanks for all the postcards sent from Hannover, Karlsruhe, Lombok, Malaysia, and Berlin! Wait for my reply!

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