Xi'an, China: Ichsan Bean

3:59 PM

     Hi, Folks! This time I got a postcard from one of my favorite brothers on earth: Ichsan Bean, which I usually call him with simply "Isan". Anyway, the word "Bean" in his name is derived from the character of Mr. Bean, the main character in a British comedy series where its role given by Rowan Atkinson. Why Bean? Because his face is so much alike with Mr. Bean's, everybody may agree. You want a proof? Stalk him on his Instagram account then you'll see the answer: @ichsanbean
     He was one of my junior high school friends which I had never known, got contacted, nor greeted for almost the entire three years during the school period. We were mere like strangers, seriously. Until finally we got linked when I was in the plan for coming back from Japan to Indonesia to take a semester absence on October 2014. It was me who started, after I noticed his cool Instagram posts portraying his traveling activities around Indonesia. Since I planned to have a hike to one of any mounts in Indonesia, I messaged him first through Instagram Direct Message, in order to ask him if he had any plan to go hiking in the near time so I could be in. Then the chat continued to BBM, until in November 2015 we finally had a night camp in Bandung with the other junior high school friends of ours.
     Since then, we became close like a brother and sister. He's definitely one of good male-friends of my own. Such a travel-mate you can rely on. As he is now on a travel in China, I asked him to send me a postcard to Beppu then here it is now! Safely arrived on my hand all the way came from Xi'an, China. Thanks, Bro! Have a nice and safe trip there!

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