Tokyo, Japan: Chisato

11:38 AM

I was happy today that the awaited postcard from a new friend has finally arrived home!
Her name is Chisato; a Waseda Uni girl I met in the same train when I was heading to Narita Airport to fetch Ayah and Mamah that coming to Japan for my wedding ceremony. Yet, Chisato was going for her holiday trip to the US. We went to a nice conversation after I started asking her, whether it's the right train going to the airport or not. She's really nice! She even let me to put down my head on her shoulder when I told her that I was so sleepy. It's quite rare to find a Japanese that talks to strangers without worries, especially a stranger like me who wears scarf and looks different than how commonly people look. We shared each other's stories about what is our coming to Narita for, then it turned out her to finally know that I was going to hold my wedding ceremony really soon. Of course she's freaked out and congratulated me right away. When I asked her to send me a postcard from the US, she answered with yes for sending me one but couldn't promise if she'd be able to send it from the US due to the tight schedule planned. Then here came today; a hologram postcard bought from Walt Disney World in Orlando, lovely sent from Tokyo. Thank you for the postcard, Chisato! I'll definitely send the reply for you!

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