Tilburg, Netherlands: Kak Listya

10:25 PM

If I'm not mistaken, this's my second time receiving postcard from Netherlands. The first one was from Kak Icha Maisya, an Insan Cendekia alumna who that time was studying master program in Groningen after coming back from her great one year exploration being Pengajar Muda in Bawean, Madura. Now I'm showing y'all the card from Kak Listya! She's an APU alumna who graduated last September and now is continuing her master degree program in Tilburg. I was so much excited to open the envelope once I handed it, because no one has ever sent me postcard using envelope before. I expected something nice coming out from this white A6-sized paper, then I turned out soooooo happy to know that she also inserted a sachet of heavenly-tasted Netherlands waffle along with the postcard itself. So much thank you for you, Kak!

Sending thousands love from this small town that is missing you back!

Awalnya, saat menerima amplop ini, saya pikir Kak Listya tidak tahu caranya mengirim postcard yang sebetulnya tidak perlu lagi dimasukkan ke dalam amplop
Taraaa! Ternyata Kak Listya pakai amplop karena dia juga mengirimi saya kue waffle khas Belanda. Aye!

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