#20factsaboutme: Because Today is My Birthday

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Hi, folks! Because today is my birthday, let me talk about myself now. I'm celebrating this moment as I'm now officially welcome to the legal age in Japanese standard. Following are #20factsaboutme, which's been a hype on Instagram a couple of months ago. Some of my friends actually tagged me on their pictures with the hashtag #20factsaboutme. By tagging me, it means that I was requested to follow them to also post a selfie picture along with giving #20factsaboutme in the caption. However, at that time, I didn't feel like I wanna do that. I didn't know why, but it might be because I felt insecure about exposing too-much-personal stuff of mine on social media. But today is definitely an excuse! So here they are:

1. I talk to myself a lot. Like, A LOT. I never miss a single day without bubbling thoughts on my mind.
2. I love to eat fish-based foods more than meats or beefs. Suppose I have to choose between 1 kg salmons and 3 kilograms beefs, I'll definitely select the first one.
3. I love coffee but ain't addicted to it. I drink coffee to smell its aroma so I can enjoy my life, not to supply caffeine into my body or to make me staying up all night long.
4. I have an album-book filled of coffee sachets that are attached on its pages with my personal ranks of how the coffees taste written there.
5. I can't live in a stable condition. I always need to gain any of new things, new experiences, new circumstances or new people to talk to. I can't tell that I'm such an-easy-to-be-bored-person, but I just simply can't be stable. I always demand for a change within amount of time. I write my plans of what changes I want to do for a short and long time, and also my goals in short term and long term, and so on. It can be about changing my habits, room decorations, hijab-style, etc. Recently I realized that it might be one of the reasons why I decided to take an absence on my 3rd semester from my uni-life. In the way that this issue encourages me to become a better person, it helps me to develop myself in a good way, but somehow it makes me stressed as well, in case if I can't find any directions to go beyond my current place or situation.
6. And that's also why I travel a lot. I'm a nomad. Haha.
7. I don't read books much more than articles, short news, blog posts, and other short writings. I can stop reading a book half way due to boredom that strikes me.
8. I love the same person for almost 5 years. Sucks, right? You may imagine.
9. I can't fall in love with my friend. It's just simply not my style. Once a guy approaches me as a friend, then he'll always be my friend, because I'm not a "Love grows along as a relationship tightens"-minded kind of person.
10. I read while pooping. Those times when I wasn't able to carry smartphone much like today, I (seriously) used to bring a book to my room's toilet. It's like, one of my sacred rituals.
11. I admire those non-English natives able to write in English whose writings have some words that I cannot simply understand without opening dictionary. They have what I envy of.
12. I change my clothes a lot. A big bucket of dirty clothes per week may prove this.
13. Hot rice + fried egg + black soya sauce (Indonesian kecap) = A little piece of heaven for me. I love this sooooo much. Plus a sprinkle of fried-onion (bawang goreng) on the top of it will make it perfect! Yummy!
14. I fancy being able to work on sewing machine. I used to dream of becoming a Muslim fashion designer. Now? No more.
15. I can't help to resist potato chips snacking. Even in midnights.
16. I do eat a lot. Like, A LOT. And I'm glad that gaining weight is still a difficulty in my case.
17. I totally don't like cats, but since I realized that it's improper to not love what the prophet Muhammad loved, I've been recently thinking to get a mental therapy for this issue. Once my mom told me that if I'm still afraid of cats while I'm pregnant in the future, it's gonna affect my pregnancy (in a bad way). She believes that a pregnant-woman has to be in all-the-time pure thoughts otherwise there will be something wrong with the baby born. Sounds creepy doesn't it?
18. I wasn't a patient kind of person before coming to Japan. I learned a lot how to deal with difficulties here. Dear, Japan... Please be little kind to me.
19. I'm lazy yet hardworking.
20. The more I travel, the more I'm grateful for being a child in my family. The more I see people with in-capabilities (or willing-less) to practice Islam, the more I'm grateful for how my parents have educated me. The more I learn to be grateful of how I'm today, the more I find what I'm meant to be.

13 October 2015 was the day of the closing event for #fixitASAP project: a project that's purposed for raising awareness about the current Indonesia's haze disaster as well as collecting donations for the victims. It's definitely such an honor that I was taking part as the treasurer of this project. To me, this experience is one of the most valuable birthday presents for this year!

Last but not least, please pray for me! A single prayer from you will be 1000 times more valuable than a happy-birthday-wish :D
Salam from me,
A girl who just turned 20 today. Xoxo!

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